“Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger!” – Karl Sakas, Agency Firebox

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“Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger!” – Karl Sakas, Agency Firebox

Don’t just ‘Make the Logo Bigger!’: How to Keep Your Clients Happy Without Driving Yourself Crazy

Everyone wants to help good advertising clients, whether you work at a marketing agency or in media, do freelance work, or help internal marketing “clients” at your company. As horror-story sites like “Clients from Hell” illustrate, it’s a tough world out there for marketing professionals… but it doesn’t have to be that way!
Marketing agency business expert Karl Sakas from Agency Firebox will show AAF Asheville members and guests how to find the right clients, how to get clients to pay you for more of your work, and how to say “no” to clients without burning bridges.

This luncheon event includes a hands-on Q&A with Karl to answer your real-life questions about how to handle difficult client situations. Thanks to AAF Asheville, you’ll go back to the office with plenty of concrete ideas to make your job easier!

About Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas is on a mission to help digital marketing agency owners create the agency they always wanted. He’s been doing client service since he was 15 years old, when he started a web design and business consulting firm while in high school in the D.C. area.

A fourth generation business owner, Karl’s led the business operations team at two different digital marketing agencies, and has 17+ years of consulting experience. He’s known for helping his clients maximize productivity, improve business operations, and achieve their agency’s potential.

Karl has written three books about managing marketing agencies, including “The Agency Fast Track” series. As the president of Agency Firebox in Raleigh, NC, he provides agency consulting, business coaching, and operations training for digital marketing agencies across 17 time zones. Outside of work, Karl serves as VP of Programming for Triangle AMA, blogs about marketing at, and volunteers as a bartender on a 1930s railroad car.

If you’d like to make more money without working more hours or increasing your agency’s client count, get a free copy of Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger: Taking Clients from Painful to Profitable when you sign up for Karl’s email newsletter at

Cost is $15 for members and $20 for guests.

*First-time guests who are not yet members, and who are not lapsed members of the AAFA club, should be sure to select the “First-Time Guests (Special Rate)” option via the PayPal drop-down menu below!*
The program starts at 12PM. Final registration is between 11:30AM-12PM. There is a parking garage across the street and two other garages a couple of blocks away. We look forward to seeing you there!
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